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Skull Parade joins the Rexius family

Music should be creative, interesting and when it’s the best it will surprise the listener. Skull Parade does exactly this. "With Skull Parade, we get a band that permeates the vision we have as a label. To sign artists who are really talented and has an edge. We try to…
February 23, 2017

Album: Burglar’s Flight av Elie & The Engine

Bra rockmusik är stor och outgrundligt mystisk. Den kan befria dig från ditt sinne och din kropp som en form av trans. Precis det händer när Elie & the Engine färgar sin pensel med leran från livets oljiga vattenpöl i sitt sökande efter människans rötter. Ut ljuder den gurglande livskraft…
April 8, 2016

Album: Burglar’s Flight by Elie & The Engine

True rock music fills you with life, can make you embody all the tragedies and sufferings as well as all the beautiful things in the world in all its shapes and colors. It pulls you out of the material world and can ultimately render you free of body and mind.…
April 8, 2016
Artist News

Elie & The Engine to Crowdfund new EP

Yesterday Elie & The Engine kicked off ther crowdfunding campain to finance their new EP to be recorded this fall in Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg. Elie & The Engine tries to change the world to be a little happier place and this is the reason for this campain. If you…
September 9, 2015