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Band merchandise is becoming more and more important for every artist. It is a way to finance an artist’s career and to get more fans. With great supplier contacts, Rexius Records provide successful artists with high quality and custom designed band merch for affordable prices. Our speciality is unique band t-shirts, rock tees, tank tops and band hoodies. Rexius Records takes an artist’s merch really seriously. There is a lot of music merchandise out there and we know the fallbacks.

The merchandise needs to be unique and stick out. We are so tired of the classic black metal t-shirt with a white print. The main reason today a fan purchase that boring t-shirt is because they want to support the artist as a band. They like the music. Our idea is to provide the artists with merch that fans will purchase for the reason they like the merchandise. In other words, the fans want to purchase the band merch because it looks good and it is something they want to use as well as support the artist. Due to that combination, the artist can sell the merch and make a better profit. This will help the artist in their career.

We source our clothing globally and can, therefore, provide artists with affordable clothing and superior quality. Lead times can vary from 15 to 90 days depending on the artist’s needs and design choices and where the merch is to be shipped.

For every artist that has a promotion deal with Rexius Records, we can sell the merchandise in our webshop. We only make promotion deals with artists that we believe in. If you want to be included in our roster please make a demo submission at our submit demo page and we will contact you if your music stands out.