Amplifying Music

We realised that the knowledge and resources we built as a record company could benefit more than in a "signing" context. We understand the record label deal is not always working for everyone. As an artist, maybe you don’t want to lose royalties or give up control? As a Manager, maybe you need more resources and a reliable partner? Music Producer? How about getting some more talented artists in your studio? Label? Let's use our strengths to increase your artists' royalties.

Need an original song? Hire songwriters at Rexius Records to write tailor suited original songs for you.

If you’re a competent singer or band, but have a difficult time with writing your own material, you’re not alone! This is something our A&R scouts have noticed by listening to demo submissions on a daily basis. However, you can only get so far in your music career by making covers. If you truly want to go beyond, you need your own original songs & production. That’s when our songwriters for hire can give you a helping hand.

Professional music production for talented artists and bands.

Record and produce music together with Rexius Records music producer in one of the recording studios in our Network. Currently we have music studios in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Hamburg with talented Music Producers. If you want to take your music to a whole new level and record music in a studio with incredible acoustics and talented producers, then we can help you. Whether it happens to be a demo, Single, EP or Album you want to record.

The Mixing and Mastering services that are guaranteed to make you stand out from the noise.

To reach a unique and professional sound for a song it is necessary to get it mixed and mastered. You refine the recording through the mix and master and it doesn’t need to be that costly. The cost depends of course on how big the project is, how many tracks there are and how well recorded and edited the recording is.

Dynamic signings based on where you are going

The traditional record label deal is largely outdated and based on old structures and needs in the music business. We believe there’s another more efficient way to develop and promote talented artists. Every artist has unique needs in regards of independence, creative control, production, skills, goals, financing, risk tolerance and where they are in their career. At Rexius we have as many deals as there are artists.

Feedback is an essential part to develop in any area. 

Feedback is an essential part to develop in any area. It is also very difficult to listen to your own music with non biased ears. Your friends don’t want to hurt your feelings. That’s why we offer professional music feedback. You’ll get technical and general feedback as well as our opinion and creative ideas.