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RELEASE: JMY X – The Way I Got Lost

JMY X is not anonymous, but he wants the music to be the main focus for the audience who listens to his songs. ‘The Way I Got Lost’ is about depression and exhaustion. It’s an instrumental story from how one can lose track of its life and not being able…
March 25, 2016

Release: What I Am by Elie & the Engine

Good music fills you with life, can make you embody all the tragedies and suffering as well as all the beautiful things in the world with all it's forms and colors. What I Am by Elie & the Engine is a truly unique rock song that explores what it means to be…
March 17, 2016

Release: Push It – Eddie Wheeler

Push It is not an ordinary pop song. It summarizes the life of Eddie in three and a half minutes. Being born with a rare and severe disability making his bones very fragile, a lot of doctors and professors told his parents that he would spend the rest of his…
March 11, 2016

Release: “Age of Suffering” med Inside The Artist’s Head

Med turnéer runt om i Europa har Växjöbandet Inside The Artist’s Head redan skaffat en stor publik i metalgenren och släpper idag sin brutala platta "Age of Suffering". Temat på plattan och kommande musikvideor är just lidande. Releasespelningen görs på legendariska Jazzhuset i Göteborg. Så här kommenterar bandet albumsläppet: - Ett…
October 28, 2015

Rexius Records Podcast Ep2 – As They Arrive

Second episode of Rexius Records Podcast. Live from our studio in Gothenburg. In this episode we speak with together with Philip Eerola and Niklas Runstad from As They Arrive, a metalcore band from Gothenburg. We speak about their release of Doubtful Existence, the new music video and about the lyrics that Philip writes. In the…
October 2, 2015
Artist News

Eddie Wheeler joins the Rexius family

We are so glad to announce that the Gothenburg profile Eddie Wheeler has agreed to put his bet on Rexius Records to take his music career to the next level. Eddie Wheeler is an icon from the Gothenburg music scene. During 15 hectic years, Eddie has already seen more bands,…
September 24, 2015

Rexius Records Podcast Ep1 – Elie & The Engine

This is the first podcast from Rexius Records. Live from our studio in Gothenburg together with Elie & The Engine. In the first Episode we speak with Elie Sandberg and Erik Petterson Sjöqvist from Elie & The Engine about their music, who they are and their current crowdfunding campaign. In the end you…
September 16, 2015
Artist News

Elie & The Engine to Crowdfund new EP

Yesterday Elie & The Engine kicked off ther crowdfunding campain to finance their new EP to be recorded this fall in Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg. Elie & The Engine tries to change the world to be a little happier place and this is the reason for this campain. If you…
September 9, 2015
Artist News

Inside The Artist’s Head joins Rexius Records

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up for Inside The Artist's Head as they join our family! We are so proud that these guys believe that we can take them to the next level. Inside The Artist's head is a metal band that has it's headquarter in the deep forest of Växjö but…
August 31, 2015
Artist News

Demo of the month: July

Rexius Records receive a lot of demos. Sometimes up to 20 per day. It is a tough job to listen to all of them and then answer everyone with a comment. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to do that, however we listen to them all and we answer as many…
August 18, 2015