Rexius Records receive a lot of demos. Sometimes up to 20 per day. It is a tough job to listen to all of them and then answer everyone with a comment. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to do that, however we listen to them all and we answer as many as possible. The demos sent to us is really important and valuable for us so we want to give something back. So here it comes. The top 3 demos we have been able to go through in July

1. Kim Eriksson

A really catchy pop song that will stick to your mind, just wait for the chorus! In the mail to us Kim said he thought it might even be a little to poppy and phony. We don’t think so, we love it!


2. Arsonist MC

We are not that into Hiphop and rap music but Leroy Scriven from Chapel Hill really got talent. We really like this!!


3. Lamps & Flowers

Genre: Pop/Rock

Talented guys from Sweden based in Piteå. Has some success in local competitions.


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